CPD for MHFAidersĀ®

Topics Available:

Develop your skills further and keep up best practice. The courses below areĀ 90 minute sessions that allow focussed learning to deepen your knowledge and expand your practical skills. They are also suitable for anyone that hasn't had the MHFAiderĀ®Ā training yet, but is interested in the particular topic.Ā 

Below you can find a selection of sessions thatĀ are currently availableĀ -Ā this portfolio is constantly expanding, so ask if you are interested in a particular topic.Ā 

Supervision for MHFAidersĀ®

Guided group coaching sessionsĀ to decompress, learn best practice and work through complex case studies. Learn about reflective practice.

Healthy Boundaries

Explore in depth what healthy boundaries are and how toĀ maintain them and safety for everyone in the process. Includes crisis management and a personal action plan.

Diamond Conversations

Uplevel your conversation skills with my simple and highly effective framework of how to skilfully open up a wellbeing conversation and how to close it again safely. We'll cover contracting, managing expectations and pacing techniques. It also considers how to prepare yourself and decompress after a particularly challenging conversation.




Learn how a trauma informed approach can support your person-centred and holistic way of supporting yourself and others.

Dependencies and Problematic Behaviours

Gain awareness around causes and impacts of problematic behaviours. Learn better ways of supporting yourself and others.Ā 

Coaching Techniques

Explore coaching principles and how and why they are so powerful when supporting others in crisis.


Expand your empathy skill set and develop your core conditions for understanding and supporting others effectively.

Cultural Competence

Expand your cultural awareness, develop cultural competence and how our cultural frame of reference can help and hinder wellbeing conversations and support.


Learn about different neurodiverse aspects and considerations when supporting your own and other's mental wellbeing.Ā 

Bereavement and Loss

Understand different ways of grieving and dealing with loss and how this knowledge can improve our wellbeing conversations.Ā 

Mental health Interventions

Learn more about modern treatments, interventions and latest innovations in therapeutic approaches to uplevel your signposting knowledge.

Compassion Fatigue

Explore the risks for developing compassion fatigue, how to spot the warning signs and recovery approaches.

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