I'm a certified Workshopper Master and Expert Facilitator!

In my previous work I used to deliver service design sessions and research projects. I've expanded on this skillset and deliver transformation and high impact workshops to ANY organisation or industry. Thank you AJSmart and Community - it's a privilege being part of your workplace innovation tribe!

Transformation Workshops -

fixing broken meetings through highly focussed and structured sessions, reducing excessive workload issues and improving working relationships.

These high impact workshops can instantly improve the wellbeing and performance of your teams! It's 'doing' wellbeing rather than just talking about it. My clients are also surprised how truly inclusive and empowering these sessions are - and how the BEST ideas rise to the top, not the LOUDEST ones!

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Focus session

Identify the challenge and what to focus on in your organisation/ team.



Strategy session

Identify the vision, set clear goals and clarify the roadmap ahead. 



Planning session

Get clarity on the best way of executing your strategy.




Collaboration Session

A structured session to solve specific problems and helping your team make the best decisions. 


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